Courses Offered

Course NameEligibilityDurationNo. of SemestersPeriod of Semester
Diploma in IT from BTE (DIT) Matric/SSC/O Level 1 Year Six Months 
Certification in IT Matric 6 Months   
Office Automation Middle Pass 3 Months   
Building Electrician Matric 6 Months   
Plumbing Domestic Illitrate 3 Months   
RAC (Refrigeration and Air Condition) Matric 6 Months   
Graphics Designing Matric 6 Months   
Carpenting Initiative Illiterate 3 Months   
Carpenting Industrial Primary 6 Months Six Months 
Steel Fixer Primary 3 Months   
Welding and Febrication Primary 6 Months Six Months 
Domestic Electrician Primary 3 Months   
Tailoring Primary 3 Months   
Hand Emroidery Illiterate 3 Months   
Data Entry Operator Matric 3 Months   
AutoCAD with Solid Modeling Matric 6 Months Six Months 
Mobile Repairing Advance Primary 6 Months Six Months 
Mobile Repairing Primary 3 Months  Three Months 
Certificate in Graphics Middle 3 Months  Three Months 
AutoCAD Simple Matric 3 Months  Three Months 
Print Media Matric 6 Months  Six Months 
Electronic Media Matric 6 Months Six Months 
Driving Illiterate 3 Months  Three Months 
Car Mechanic Primary 6 Months Six Months 
Computer Hardware Matric 3 Months Three Months 
Mobile Crane Primary 3 Months  Three Months 
Front End Loader Primary 3 Months  Three Months 
Tower Crane Primary 3 Months  Three Months 
Backhoe Loader  Primary 3 Months  Three Months 
DAE Electrical Matric 3 Years  
DAE Civil Matric 3 Years One Year 
Type Writing Middle 3 Months  Non Credit 
Quantity Survey Matric 6 Months Six months 
Land Survey Matric 6 Months Six Month 
Civil Surveyor Matric 6 Months Six Months 
Quantity Survey GIII Matric 1 Year Six Months 
Land Survey GIII Matric 1 Year Six Months 
Civil Surveyor GIII Matric 1 Year Six Months 
Electrical Supervisor Matric 1 Year   
Plumbing and Sanitary Primary 6 Months   
Diploma in IT from TTB (DIT) Matric 1 Year Six Months 
Crane Operator Primary 2 Months   
Bulldozer Operator  Primary 2 Months   
Excavator Operator  Primary 2 Months   
Dress Making and Tailoring Primary 6 Months   
Hand Embroidery Basic Illitrate 3 Months   
Hand Embroidery Industrial Primary 6 Months   
Motorcycle Mechanic  Primary 6 Months   
Generator Mechanic  Primary 6 Months   
Auto Electrician Primary 6 Months   
Masonry Construction, Plaster etc Illitrate 6 Months   
Inpage Primary 1 Month   
PeachTree Matric 3 Months   
Quick Book Matric 3 Months   
C and C++ Programming F.A/F.Sc 3 Months   
Spoken English Primary 3 Months   
Advance English SSC 6 Months Six Months 
English Language Spoken Primary 6 Months   
MS Office Special Middle 3 Months   
Adobe Photoshop with Image Ready Middle 2 Months   
Domestic Poultry Primary 1 Month   
Live Stock Primary 1 Month   
Bee Keeping Primary 1 Month   
Food Processing (Pickle, Jam  Primary 1 Month   
Kitchen Gardening  Illitrate 1 Month   
Corel Draw Matric 2 Months   
Short Hand & Typewriting Matric 6 Months   
DAE 1st yer Civil Technology SSC 2nd Division 1 Year 01 Year 
DAE 1st Year Electrical Technology SSC 2nd Division 1 Year 01 year 
Shorthand Teeline Matric 3 Months   
DAE 2nd Year Civil Technology DAE 1st Year Civil 1 Year 12 
DAE 3rd Year Civil Technology DAE 2nd Year Civil 1 Year 12 
DAE 2nd Year Electrical Technology DAE 1st Year Electrical 1 Year 12 
DAE 3rd Year Electrical Technology DAE 2nd Year Electrical 1 Year 12 
F.Sc (Pre-Medical) 1st Year SSC (Science) 1 Year 12 
F.Sc (Pre-Medical) 2nd Year F.Sc (Pre-M) 1st Year 1 Year 12 
F.Sc (Pre-Eng) 1st YEar SSC (Science) 1 Year 12 
F.Sc (Pre-Eng) 2nd Year F.Sc (Pre-Eng) 1st Year 1 Year 12 
F.Sc (Computer Sc) 1st Year SSC (Science) 1 Year 12 
F.Sc (Computer Sc) 2nd Year F.Sc (Computer Sc) 1st Year 1 Year 12 
Auto Electrician Primary 3 Months   
Auto Mechanic  Primary 3 Months   
Decoration Technician Primary 6 Months   
NEBOSH-IGC Middle 1 Month   
IOSH-MS Middle 1 Month   
OSHA Middle 1 Month   
Fire Safety  Middle 1 Month   
Oil & Gas Middle 1 Month   
Petroleum Deploma Middle 1 Month   
Registered Safety Officer SSC (Matric) 1 Month   
Refrigeration and Air Condition (RAC) Matric/SCC/O Level 1 Year   
Live Stock Management Assistant Matric 6 Months   
Live Stock Management Matric Science 1 Year 
CIT Special Matric 6 Months   
Web Designing & Development SSC 6 Months   
Networking SSC 2 Months   
Vehicle Painter Nil 1 Year  01 year 
Auto Mechanic Illitrate 1 Year   
Dress Making and Tailoring Middle 1 Year   
Basic Electronics Middle 3 Months  
Power Electronics SSC 6 Months 6 Months 
Electronics Technician SSC 1 Year  One Year 
Diploma in IT from BTE Online Matric 1 Year 
Electrician and CCTV Camera Instalation SSC 6 Months   
Hair Cutting and Dressing Primary 3 Months  
Freelancing DIT or Graphic Design 1 Month  one month 
Gardening Middle 6 Months  
Financial Accounting SSC 1 Year  12 

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